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      Odor Handling of Atomizer

      time:2020-11-03 source:sznbone Views:186

      As a component of e-cigarette smoke,the atomizer has a huge workload in the daily use of e-cigarettes. Many cigarette oils with a heavy smell cannot be removed by simply wiping.

       Even if it does not cause the odor of the e-liquid, it will leave a smell in the atomizer, and even produce a strange smell over time.

      In this case, baking soda can be mixed with warm water, and the atomizer can be disassembled and soaked, or ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning to remove odor.

      After a reasonable cleaning and maintenance of the atomizer, it can ensure that the appearance is as clean as new for a long time, and the use experience is as good as just getting started.

      At the same time, there will be no odor in the atomizer during intermittent use and the taste performance of the atomizer will not be affected.

      NICKVI has established itself as a industry leader in manufacturing healthy electronic cigarettes, as we do all of our own research and development on all of our products.

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