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      2020 newest 510 thread stainless steel CBD cartridge OEM vape atomizer

      Product Detail:

      Lead free

      Best cartridge on anti-leakage

      ①more precisely tolerance

      ②metal bottom  cap+silicon seal

      welcome OEM

      Project details



      Product name

      Stainless steel CBD cartridge


      0.5ml 1ml


      Glass+SS+ceramic tip

      Oil intake holes

      4*1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm


      Foam box

      Net weight




      Why choose SS cartridge:

      Stainless steel cartridge is a perfect solution for heavy metal free regulation, it is 100% heavy metal free. No need to worry about suppliers will use regular copper instead of lead free copper. Besides, stainless steel components have better process precision since it is harder than copper, thus this CBD vape cartridge has better oil sealing performance and lower leakage rate. And, stainless steel is considered more healthy than copper, Oil can be stocked longer and won't be influenced.

      Our stainless steel cartridge offers you very pure taste by the high-quality ceramic coil. Glass chamber, no reaction with your oil. 510 thread connection allows for universal compatibility. 

      NICKVI is a professional CBD catridge factory since 2016, we aim at supplying branded customers with high quality vape cartridge, CBD packaging, CBD accessories, Welcome customization order.

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